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Is a brushless motor better?

Since no brushes are used, brushless motors offer great advantages in reducing business costs and reducing maintenance frequency in industrial applications.

The biggest difference between brushless motors and brushed motors is the presence or absence of brushes. Their internal working principle is the same in other aspects. As the current passes through the motor windings, a temporary magnetic field is created to repel or attract the permanent magnets. This magnetic force forces the shaft to rotate, and as the shaft rotates, it transmitted the current to a different winding, and the process continues to repeat. The key element of a brushless motor is that it doesn’t require a physical commutator. This feature has made it the most popular choice for computer disk drives, robots and aircrafts. Because the brushless motor is electronically controlled, it provides the precise power needed to do its job.

Compared to brushed motors, DC Brushless Motor not only have no brush wear, they also offer higher efficiency and performance and are less sensitive to mechanical wear and tear. In addition, brushless motors have other advantages.

  1. Increased torque per watt of power input
  2. Higher reliability and lower maintenance requirements
  3. Longer service life
  4. Elimination of commutator ionizing sparks


It has a great advantage in reducing maintenance intervals for commercial and industrial applications because brush wear and tear problems do not occur.

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