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VIIF2023: What Lunyee Learned from It

The Lunyee Company took part in VIIF 2023, and showcased motor goods and a line of CNC engraving machines, which caught guests' interest.

Lunyee participated in the Vietnam Industrial Exhibition (VIIF) 2023 in Hanoi from October 10–12, 2023, showcasing the company's AC and DC motors, servo motors, stepper motors, and spindle motors.

Exhibition Results

The exhibition was a great success, and Lunyee achieved the following results: Over 1,000 visitors were received in total, including potential customers and partners from Vietnam as well as overseas customers from China, Japan, Korea, and other countries. Cooperation intentions have been reached with a number of Vietnamese enterprises, including a large manufacturing company and a well-known motor manufacturer. It gained the attention of local media in Vietnam, and the exhibition report was published in many local media in Vietnam. Lunyee is satisfied with the achievements of the exhibition and will continue to work hard to develop the Vietnamese market and provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Showcase Products

In this exhibition, Lunyee focuses on AC and DC Motors, servo motors, and spindle motors. Among them, AC&DC motor series products include DC speed control motors, DC planetary gear motors, AC gear motors, small AC gear motors, three-phase asynchronous motors, etc., which meet the needs of different industries and application scenarios. Servo motor series products include DornaAC servo kits, DC servo kits, DeltaAC servo kits, etc., which are characterized by high precision, high response speed, and high reliability. Spindle motor series products include water-cooled and air-cooled spindle kits as well as ATC water-cooled spindles, etc., which meet different power and speed requirements.


This exhibition is a successful attempt by Lunyee to develop the Vietnamese market. Through this exhibition, Lunyee Company further understood the demand in the Vietnam market and established contacts with local enterprises in Vietnam. Lunyee will continue to work hard to provide more high-quality and competitive solutions for the Vietnamese market.

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