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Servo motors for CNC bending machines

Nigel has worked in the equipment manufacturing industry for many years, and his company needed to purchase a batch of servo motors to upgrade their CNC bending machines.

Nigel Chen is a buyer from Taiwan, China. Based on the communication, we know that he has been in the equipment manufacturing industry for many years. In July, he contacted us to inquire about servo motors. According to our understanding, Nigel's company needs to purchase a batch of servo motors to upgrade their CNC bending machines. Through many communications, we customized a high-performance, low-noise AC servo solution to meet his usage needs.

Customer Needs Analysis

Nigel said he wanted us to provide energy-efficient servo motors to reduce power costs. In addition to this, there is a need for accurate and responsive speeds, as well as good position control. Due to geographical and climatic factors, the motors needed to be waterproof and temperature-resistant to provide more stable control.

Recommended Programs

Considering his requirements for performance and reliability, we recommended our closed-loop vector control AC servo motor designed for industrial automation. It features high torque, fast dynamic response, precise position and speed control, and quiet operation. The motor is IP65-rated, and the enclosed sealing design provides safer motor protection. Features such as sealing, high overload capacity, and Class B insulation provide superior industrial-grade protection.


After installing the servo motors on the machine, Nigel was very satisfied with the solution we provided. He said that their CNC bending machine has improved dramatically in terms of energy efficiency, accuracy, speed, and reliability while running extremely quietly. He said he would recommend our products to other partners in need.

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