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Sales case: Synchronous motors for small household appliances

Rahul Srivastava has decades of experience in the home appliance industry. Due to many problems with the company's motors recently, he needed to find a new and reliable motor supplier as soon as possible.

Customer Background

Rahul Srivastava, an Indian customer who mainly produces and supplies small appliances such as fans, has decades of experience in the appliance industry. He contacted us in December 2022 about the synchronous motor. Rahul tells us that many of his partners and customers have reported many after-sales problems with their existing motors. After checking, Rahul learned that these products with after-sales are from the same batch, and the after-sales reasons are mostly from motors. This has had many negative effects on their business, even causing them to lose some of their partners. Therefore, to reduce the losses, they immediately put in place an emergency plan to immediately replace the appliances being produced by the company and purchase a batch of high-quality motors.

Customer Requirements

He wanted the motor to be compact and lightweight to accommodate the small space of the small fan. Fans should run quietly to provide a comfortable environment for the user. In terms of design, the motor should be able to withstand frequent use without failure or problems. Overall, the ideal motor for a small fan should be compact, efficient, quiet, reliable, and cost-effective, while also providing sufficient power to generate a strong airflow.

Solution Recommendations

Considering the urgency of Rahul's replacement motor, to solve his problem quickly, we asked Rahul for a drawing of the motor they used before, to ensure that the parameters required are fully consistent with the motor, in addition to the same size we offer. But motors with different speeds and different gear types are used for their tests. So we recommended the 50zyt series motors because they could meet all of Rahul's needs. The motor is a permanent magnet brushed DC motor, with customizable input voltage and power options. Regardless of size or power, silent operation can meet Rahul's requirements. With speeds ranging from 3000 rpm to 5000 rpm, the motor is suitable for Rahul appliances. In addition, given the relatively humid climate in India, our motors offer IPX7 water and moisture resistance.

Customer Reviews

After testing the 50zyt motor, Rahul was very satisfied with its performance and reliability. Two months later, he said in our after-sales visit that after using our motors, his partners and customers said that after-sales problems were significantly reduced and new motors improved his business. He expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with our company and said he would continue to do business with us.

Other Applications

50zyt motor is a permanent magnet synchronous motor commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications. Some common applications of 50zyt motors include:

  • Automation Equipment: 50zyt motors are often used for automation equipment such as conveyors, packaging machines, and sorters due to their high accuracy and fast control.
  • Robotics: Due to their compact size and high power density, 50zyt motors are commonly used for tasks such as pickup and drop operations and assembly tasks in robotic applications.
  • Medical Equipment: 50zyt motors are used in a variety of medical devices such as medical pumps, ventilators, and medical robots for their high efficiency and accuracy.
  • Industrial machinery: 50zyt motors are used in various industrial machines, such as printing presses, textile machinery, and food processing equipment, for their reliable and efficient properties.

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