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Sales case: Small speed control motors for welding machines

Raffaele Palini is a research and development tester of a Finnish company, and their company is mainly engaged in the production and manufacture of welding machines. Recently, due to the adjustment of the company's development strategy, their company plans to develop and produce a welding machine for roofs.


In November 2022, we saw a customer asking about small speed motors in the comments section on the Alibaba International website. So we reached out to this customer and tried to solve his query. After communication, we learned that the customer's name is Raffaele Palini, and he is an R&D tester for a Finnish company. Their company is mainly engaged in the production and manufacture of roof membrane welding machines. Raffaele Palini said he has been working in the welding machine industry for ten years and has a good understanding of the equipment and machinery used in welding. Recently, his company planned to develop and produce a welding machine for roofing membranes, but due to the tight space in some of the work areas, it was difficult for the company's original welding machine to take care of these precise details, so he wanted to upgrade their current small welding machine with a motor that was versatile and ideal for working in tight spaces. He wanted a motor that was compact, easy to use and had a good speed range. He is currently inquiring about products on various platforms in hopes of finding a suitable motor.

Customer Needs

We asked Raffaele Palini what type of motor he needed and what the parameters of the motor required. Raffaele Palini said he was looking for a motor that had a minimum load capacity of 15 kg and a speed range of 0-8 m/min. This was important to him because such a load would be able to withstand the weight of the welder and at the speed he needed for his welding needs. In addition, the motor should be compact for easy transport and storage.


Solution Recommendations

Based on the customer's needs, we recommended the micro DC turbine motor, which has a speed of 25rpm and perfectly meets the speed requirements of Raffaele Palini. It also has a load of more than 15 kg. In addition, this motor is small and compact, with a double-output shaft design, which can well meet Raffaele Palini's requirements, and the DC power supply is more portable. After listening to our presentation, Raffaele Palini was very satisfied with the solution we provided and decided to purchase the motor.


Customer Testimonials

One month after receiving our product, our after-sales callback asked Raffaele Palini if he had any problems with the use of the product. He said that our product was tightly packed and his motor did not have any physical damage, in addition to that, the motor was running smoothly without any problems and he asked us for mass production.


Other Applications

  • DC turbo gear motors are motors with a gear reducer built into the motor housing. They are used in applications that require low speed, high torque output. Some common applications for DC turbo gear motors include.
  • Conveyor system: They can be used to drive the conveyor belt and control the speed and torque of the conveyor system.
  • Automated machinery: Used to power various movements of automated machinery, such as robots, packaging machines, assembly lines, etc.
  • Material handling equipment: They can provide power for lifting and moving heavy objects in material handling equipment such as cranes, hoists and forklifts.
  • Door openers and actuators: for controlling the speed and position of doors and gates in a variety of applications.
  • Medical equipment: Used to power the movement of equipment in medical applications such as hospital beds, wheelchairs and patient lifts.

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