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Sales case: Small and medium-sized lawn mower motor

The Spanish customer Hombre Apellido manufactures and sells small and medium lawnmowers. Recently, their company plans to develop a new lawn mower based on its previous products, so they need to purchase a new batch of motors to meet the needs of production development.

Part I: Customer Needs

In March 2022, a Spanish customer, Hombre Apellido, sent an inquiry for a DC motor on the company's website. Hombre Apellido runs a lawn mower company that manufactures and sells small and medium-sized lawn mowers. Recently, however, the company was planning to develop a new mower based on its previous products to suit larger areas of grass mowing. Since the motor type used previously did not match the mower currently being developed, a new batch of motors needed to be purchased to meet production development needs.

Part II: Required products

Hombre Apellido wanted a mower that would be suitable for use on small and medium-sized mowers and that would be more powerful to cut grass efficiently and with high quality. At the same time, try to avoid the motor power is too large to bring them the problem of increased production and operating costs. In addition, the reliability and service life of the motor is also his consideration. Hombre Apellido said he does not want to encounter frequent motor failures because of the need to replace the motor often. In terms of parameters, he requires the power of the motor to be around 250w, and the speed should not be lower than 80.

Part III: Motor selection

After many comparisons, Hombre Apellido finally chose to use a motor designed for use in small and medium-sized mowers. The motor is 250w, with a speed of 80 to 100, which meets Hombre Apellido's needs for high efficiency and quality mowing, at an affordable price, and is not easily damaged.

Part IV: Customer Evaluation

Hombre Apellido installed the newly developed mower on the sample and tested it immediately. He was very satisfied with the results of the test. The motor matched the design of his mower perfectly, and there was no problem of insufficient power to cut the grass when using it on the grass. After using it for a period, he was very satisfied with the stability of the product. Hombre Apellido said that he was satisfied that the motor did not break down in use and worked well during the period of use. He said that if there is a friend around him who needs to use the motor, he will recommend the motor of Lunyee Company to him.

Part V: Other applications

Lunyee's motors can be used not only on lawn mowers but also on other equipment. Since the company was founded, we have also had many customers who are engaged in electric vehicles, electric wheelchairs, and electric conversion vehicles come to our company to purchase motors, and they have also given good feedback.

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