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Sales case: Servo motors for sewing machines

Krishna works for a textile company in India that manufactures a variety of textile products. Recently, they needed a new batch of clicks to test the new machine.

Krishna works for a textile company in India that produces a wide range of textile products, and as a well-established textile company in the region, they sell their products in many countries. He has been with the company for 15 years and has extensive knowledge of the textile industry. As the industry upgrades its technology and costs, the company is looking for ways to be more energy efficient. Recently, they have developed and optimized a new batch of machines, which required new motors to be tested.

Client need

Krishna first conducted research on the company's equipment, which indicated that some of the motors on the sewing machines needed to be repaired on average 2-3 times a year, mainly on the 750W motors, and that the power consumption of the machines was also very high. He also asked a number of staff members in the workshop, who said that the noise level in the workshop was relatively high and that the sound of running motors could often be heard, which could easily make people irritable when working for a long time. Krishna wanted to solve these problems by replacing the motors. Based on Krishna's questions, we identified his main needs, mainly stable and maintenance-free motor operation. Higher efficiency, more power savings, and cost savings. Low noise and quiet operation Stable speed and position control.

Programmatic recommendations

In response to the needs raised by Krishna, we proposed a solution for the DS2750w servo motor, which in turn has an ultra-high protection level of IP67, can completely remove textile dust from the water, has good waterproof performance, and can continue to be used even after being immersed in water for an hour. The motor utilizes a closed-loop control system for fast response and high positional accuracy. In addition, the motor is designed with silent bearings for low noise and high efficiency.

Feedback evaluation

Krishna was very satisfied with the program we provided. He first ordered a few samples for testing, and after the test results made him very happy, he said the actual operation of the motor is just as we said: quiet, efficient, high precision control. He ordered another 50 units.

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