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Sales case: Gear motors for conveyor belts

Ryan Morgan is a wheat producer from Australia. As the harvest season is approaching, in order to carry out the wheat sorting work efficiently, he contacted us to inquire about the information about the geared motor.

Customer Background

In July 2022, Bryan Morgan, an Australian farmer and wheat producer, contacted our company to find out about geared motors. We learned that Bryan Morgan was in the wheat farming business and needed to replace a motor on his conveyor belt to improve the efficiency of the sorting process as harvest season was approaching. Bryan Morgan has been growing wheat for many years and had a good harvest this year. With his years of harvesting experience, he understands the importance of having efficient equipment, and as the harvest season approached, he found it necessary to upgrade his conveyor sorting system to ensure a smooth process. To do this, he needed to purchase motors for his conveyor belts.

Customer needs

After learning about the usage of Bryan Morgan, we asked Bryan whether he had any specific parameter requirements for the required gear motor . Bryan Morgan told us he needs a motor with 0.37 kW at about 20 rpm to handle the weight of the wheat on the conveyor belt. Motors also need to be compact for easy installation and transportation. The ability to adjust the speed is also a key factor, as he needs to be able to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to suit his sorting needs.


After reviewing Bryan's requirements, we recommended a turbo geared motor with a 14 rpm speed. This motor is small and has a shaft on the side for easy installation and transportation. The motor is mechanically compact, lightweight, efficient and suitable for low speed, high torque applications, making it an ideal solution for Bryan Morgan's conveyor sorting system. In addition, this turbo motor has the advantage of compact size for easy installation and high efficiency to help reduce energy consumption and costs. In addition, its dual-shaft design provides Bryan with greater flexibility in installing it in his conveyor systems.

Customer Testimonials

After receiving the product from our company, Bryan Morgan immediately tested the installation and sent us his test video. He said that everything was running smoothly and he approved of our product and would continue to buy our products if he had any related needs in the future.

Other Applications

Turbo geared motors are electric motors with built-in gear reduction mechanisms and are typically used in applications that require high torque output and relatively low speed output. These motors are typically used in industrial automation systems, conveyor systems, material handling equipment, and other applications that require high torque output to drive heavy loads or move large amounts of material. They can also be used in equipment such as pumps, compressors, and fans where the gear reduction mechanism helps increase torque output while reducing the motor speed.

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