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Sales case: Controllers for controlling electric vehicle motors

Kenneth Chua is a retailer from the Philippines. He urgently needs a batch of motor controllers and electric vehicle meters to meet the needs of customers.

Customer background

Kenneth Chua is a retailer in the Philippines, selling mechanical or electric products locally. He has been working in the mechanical and electrical fields for more than a decade and recently became involved in the electric mobility vehicle market after recognizing the great potential of the industry due to a series of local government incentives for electric mobility vehicles. Since he was new to the EV market, he first purchased a batch of motors for electric vehicles. However, due to the lack of corresponding motor controllers, the sales of this motor were not good. He urgently needed a batch of motor controllers as well as an electric vehicle instrument, to meet the needs of his customers.

Customer needs

Kenneth Chua contacted us in October 2022 with a specific request for a motor controller and EV meter. During our communication, we found out that he needed controllers with different current ratings, including 50A, 80A, 150A and 200A. He was also looking for an EV instrumentation that could be used with the EV system. He stressed that he needed products that met strict quality standards, were easy to install and maintain, and were competitively priced. He also needed a comprehensive warranty to ensure product reliability and longevity.

Program recommendation

After carefully analyzing Kenneth Chua's requirements, we recommended a controller for his electric mobility vehicle. This controller comes with a universal junction box and offers several ways to adjust the phase, ensuring a smooth and efficient connection to the motor. In addition, it offers a choice of 50A, 80A, 150A, and 200A models to fully meet Kenneth Chua's current strength requirements.

Regarding EV meters, we recommend Kenneth Chua, an EV meter designed specifically for electric vehicles and offering a wide range of features and compatibility options. This EV instrumentation provides advanced monitoring and control functions to ensure optimal performance and safety for the end user. Considering Kenneth Chua's need for competitiveness and reliability, we also provided Kenneth Chua with a competitive pricing structure and a two-year product warranty, addressing his concerns about product quality and reliability. After reviewing the solution we provided, Kenneth Chua indicated that the product information we provided was a good fit for his requirements, but he had some concerns about the compatibility of our products with his existing motor models and local technical support. To address these concerns, we provided detailed technical documentation, sent him an online training course created by our technical team, and said we would provide timely after-sales technical support in the future.

Customer evaluation

Kenneth Chua was very satisfied with our proactive approach and the solutions we provided. So he decided to order our products. After receiving the products as scheduled, Kenneth Chua immediately connected the equipment to his motor and was very satisfied with the quality, performance, and ease of installation. As a result, they purchased the products in bulk.

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