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Sales case: AC motors for the start-up of lifting devices

Mr. Van is engaged in the manufacturing industry, mainly providing large elevators and conveyor systems for many factories. Recently, he contacted us to inquire about AC motors.

Client Background

Mr. Van works for an industrial manufacturing company in the United States. The company specializes in supplying large elevators and conveyor systems to numerous factories. As orders expanded, so did the demand for various types of motors to meet the assembly needs of their equipment. To provide a more powerful service, Van needed to purchase some more powerful motors for use in the elevator units.

Client needs

Mr. Fan contacted us to ask questions about motors. His company needed many AC motors specifically designed for its equipment lifting system. Given that these motors would be integrated into heavy lifting equipment, they had to meet stringent requirements for high torque and power. In addition, due to the expanding scale of their business, they were also focused on cost-effectiveness without compromising on performance or quality.

Recommended Programs

After several rounds of technical discussions, we proposed a range of cost-effective AC asynchronous motors that met Mr. Van's specific torque and power parameter requirements. We provided comprehensive technical specifications and utilized 3D design drawings to illustrate the dimensional characteristics of the motors. Recognizing their need for cost control, we provided Mr. Van with a range of motor sizes to choose from based on the project budget.

During the order confirmation process, transportation costs exceeded Mr. Fan's expectations. We resolved this challenge through constructive negotiations by agreeing to split the order and use a mix of land and air transportation. This strategy effectively controlled logistics costs. Considering the large volume of Mr. Van's order, we also provided a freight subsidy, which ultimately led to a smooth conclusion of the cooperation.


Upon receiving the AC motors, Mr. Van was very pleased with the quality and performance of our products. He noted that the start-up time of their equipment has been significantly reduced compared to the previous model, resulting in improved efficiency. He also expressed his company's interest in prioritizing Lunyee in the future based on our excellent product quality and service.

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