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Sales case: AC motors for shredder

As the company needed to produce a new batch of paper shredders, the customer from Saudi Arabia needed a batch of new motors to replace the original ones.

Client Background

Muhammad Youssef Abrash is an experienced professional in the machine building industry from Saudi Arabia. With his vast experience and industry knowledge, he has been involved in the industry for a long time. Recently, his company started producing a new batch of paper shredders, but due to a strategic reorganization of the company, it needed to change its motor supplier to reduce costs.

Customer needs

Muhammad's specific need was for an AC motor with parameters of 220V, 350W, and 50 rpm to meet the requirements of his shredder manufacturing process. His primary concern was to find a supplier who could provide a product that met these specifications while being cost-effective. The challenge was to provide an AC motor that met his quality expectations and fit his budget.

Recommended Programs

After understanding Muhammad's needs, we recommended an AC motor that perfectly matched his specifications. This AC motor was characterized by its simplicity, stability, low maintenance, and wide speed range. To build trust and demonstrate the quality of our product, we arranged for the AC motor to be tested under conditions similar to those of a paper shredder. We provided a comprehensive video of the test so that Muhammad could observe the motor's performance firsthand.

During our communication, we realized that Muhammad had a limited budget, and considering his large purchase volume, we decided to give him an appropriate discount on a certain purchase volume. This not only addressed his concerns but also demonstrated our willingness to provide customer-centered solutions.


Muhammad Youssef Abrash received the motor in a tightly packed package, and their company immediately arranged for a technician to test it, which was favorable. He was also very satisfied with the performance of the product, and our motors met his expectations in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. He happily said that he looks forward to long-term cooperation with Lunyee in the future.

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