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Sales case: AC motors for machinery and equipment

Mr. Guy Noblet works for an economical machinery equipment company. Recently, his company plans to develop new products and therefore needs to purchase a batch of AC motors for use in these equipments.

Client Background

Mr. Guy Noblet is from Lyon, in the south of France, and has 15 years of experience in the mechanical industry. He is now working for a company called Research Motion. According to Mr. Guy Noble, their company was founded in 2008, is headquartered in Lyon, and is mainly engaged in the manufacture of precision mechanical equipment for the automotive, aerospace, medical, and other industries. Recently, their company, which is developing a line of products, needed to buy a number of new AC motors.

Client need

Mr. Guy told us that his company needed many AC motors for precision equipment. Mr. Guy provided us with his requirements for 0.55 KW, 1500 rpm single-phase asynchronous motors, and since these motors will be used in precision equipment, the parameters of the motors must be met. In addition, the motors were expected to be less noisy, as they were more interested in the performance and stability of the product.

Program Recommendations

Since his needs were very clear, we immediately selected a solution that met them. In addition, considering the applicability issue, we also recommended the motor combination set with gearbox, which has a more flexible output speed and a higher protection level, improving the applicability of the motor in complex environments. Considering that Mr. Guy was very concerned about the noise and service life of the motors during his communication with us, we explained in detail that both solutions use high-quality copper wires and insulation materials, and compared with the same type of motors on the market, Lunyee's motors are also optimized in the structure, and the noise of the motors is lower.


Mr. Guy asked for samples for testing. After testing, he was very satisfied with the samples and immediately placed an order for 100 motors. Mr. Guy said that he will make regular purchases every year in the future and establish a long-term partnership with Lunyee.

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