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High power servo for injection molding machines

German buyer Reinhard Popp needed high-power, high-precision servo motors that could be used in injection molding machines.

Reinhard Popp, a buyer from Germany, was looking for a servo motor to upgrade his injection molding machine motor, which required high precision and power. After many communications, we recommended DA200 series 15KW AC servo motors for his application.

Client need

Through many discussions, we learned that Reinhard needed a 15-KW servo to drive the injection molding machine. Reinhard said that he needed the motor to have precise position control to achieve high precision in the injection molding machine. In addition, he wanted a safe and reliable motor with a high service life.

Recommended Programs

Considering power, protection, and performance requirements, we recommend the DA20015KW closed-loop vector AC servo motor series designed for high-torque, high-power applications. This servo offers 15 KW of continuous power, an IP65 protection rating, and a fully enclosed design.

Customized services

Our team communicated with Reinhard about servo sizing, torque, encoder pulses, and control parameters to optimize the accuracy and response of the injection molding machine's axes. And additional conduit fittings and cables were added to allow Reinhard to better integrate them into the injection molding machine.

Testing and feedback

After receiving the servo motor from us, Reinhard immediately conducted on-machine tests. After the tests, he was very satisfied with the power output, precision, and reliability of the DA200 servo when upgrading the injection molding machine.

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