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60W 110-230V Single-phase AC Brake motor

60W 110-230V Single-phase AC Brake motor

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Brake Motor Characteristics

The braking motor is meant to operate indefinitely. This provides the benefit of a faster reaction time and more torque to transfer the load.

The clutch and brake mechanism govern the rotation of the output shaft. By disengaging the clutch and applying the brake, the load is brought to a halt. The rotor inertia constantly has an effect on the motor. The load is not impacted by rotor inertia when using a clutch and brake unit.

For these reasons, brake motors outperform other AC standard motors in terms of reaction, starting and stopping in much less time.

Lunyee Motor employs an induction motor for its continuous duty rating to handle high-frequency, starting and stopping applications. Induction motors are ideally suited for unidirectional motion. The brake motor is not designed for frequent bi-directional starting and stopping.

High-Frequency Operation Capable

High-frequency starting and stopping is possible because to the combination of a continually revolving induction motor and a clutch and brake unit.

Small and simple to use

The compact form facilitates handling and allows the machine's drive unit to be installed in a small space.

Employed a Reliable Gearhead

The GC-type and GCH-type gearheads are particularly developed for Brake motors and feature superior impact resistance, increased strength, and good dependability.


Parallel Shaft

Electromagnetic Brake

Single-Phase 110/115 VAC
Single-Phase 220/230 VAC

6.8 ~ 88 lb-in

0.77 ~ 10 N·m

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