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What types of AC motors are there?

AC motors are very common in our daily life, and there are many different types of AC motors, and different types have different scopes of application.

According to the difference in input current, the motor can be divided into AC motor and DC motor. Most of the motors we see in our daily life are AC motors. According to different classification methods, AC motors can be divided into many types.

  1. Based on different operating principles, AC motors are divided into synchronous motors and asynchronous motors. A synchronous motor is a motor whose rotor speed is the same as the magnetic field speed. Asynchronous motors, also known as induction motors, are the most widely used and most demanded types of motors.
  2. Based on the current type, motors can be classified into three-phase motors and single-phase motors. Single-phase motor refers to a low power single-phase asynchronous motor powered by a single-phase AC power supply. This type of motor has two-phase windings on the stator and the rotor is of the common squirrel-cage type. A three-phase motor refers to an AC motor driven by a three-phase alternating current. After the stator winding of the three-phase motor is input with three-phase alternating current, a rotating magnetic field will be generated, and the rotating magnetic field will cut the rotor winding to generate electricity. Single-phase motors are used in household appliances. Three-phase motors are used in high-power appliances.
  3. According to the different rotors, it can be divided into squirrel-cage motors and phase-wound motors. The rotor of a squirrel-cage motor looks like a squirrel cage. You can adjust its speed and torque by adjusting the size of the rod in the rotor. Phase wound motors are mostly used in elevators and cranes.


These are the six common types of AC motors, and different types of motors have their own scope of application. If you want to choose an AC motor, you can spend some time learning more about them to avoid the problem of wasting money caused by inappropriate selection.

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