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What should I pay attention to when using the gearbox?

The reducer's purpose is to lessen the speed of the main equipment by rotating its gear. Improper usage may result in issues or even damage to the equipment. For your convenience, below are some use notes.

The reducer is to reduce the speed of the main equipment through the rotation of its gear. The reducer is an independent component composed of a gear drive, a worm drive, and a gear-worm drive enclosed in a rigid shell. The gearbox is often used in conjunction with the motor to form a gear motor r used in a specific field. It plays the role of matching speed and transmitting torque between prime mover and working machine or actuator, and is widely used in modern machinery. Improper use may cause problems or even damage the device. Here are some usage notes for your reference.

  • 1. When installing the driving parts, don't use too much force to avoid damage to the machine. It is forbidden to use a hammer to install on the output shaft of the reducer, but it can be installed with a clamp.
  • 2. There are many types of reducer couplings, but it is best not to use rigid fixed couplings to avoid difficulties in installation.
  • 3. The fixation of the reducer is very important. A horizontal base needs to be installed on the reducer. If the base is not installed, it may cause problems with the bearings.
  • 4. The inspection of the reducer cannot be ignored. After the reducer is installed, it should be fully inspected to make sure that some parts are tightly installed and the installation position is accurate.


The reducer is a common reduction device, which is very convenient to use and maintain. If we use the reducer correctly, it will not only help the equipment to run at high performance but also help to extend the service life of the machine.

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