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What is the most common electric motor?

The most common electric motor is the AC induction motor, also known as the asynchronous motor. It is widely used in various applications, including industrial machinery, household appliances, and electric vehicles, due to its simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Electric motors power the various devices and machines we use in our daily lives. They come in a variety of types, each designed to meet different needs. However, there is one type of motor that is the most common: the AC induction motor. This article will delve into how AC induction motors work and explore why they have become the dominant motor in many industrial and commercial applications.

What is an AC induction motor?

An AC induction motor is an asynchronous motor that, like other types of motors, converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The rotor speed of an AC induction motor is always slightly slower than the speed of the magnetic field generated by the stator winding.

How does an AC induction motor work?

AC induction motors consist of two main components: the stator and the rotor. The stator is the fixed part of the motor and contains the coils called stator windings. The rotor is the rotating part of the motor and contains the conductive rods or wire coils.

When AC power is connected to the stator windings, AC passes through them, generating a rotating magnetic field. This rotating magnetic field induces a current in the conductive bars or coils of the rotor, which creates a magnetic field that interacts with the stator magnetic field. This interaction causes the rotor to rotate at a speed that attempts to match the speed of the rotating magnetic field.

The speed of an AC induction motor can be controlled by changing the frequency of the power supply. This is called variable frequency drive (VFD) control. By changing the frequency of the power supply, the speed of the rotating magnetic field can be increased or decreased, thus increasing or decreasing the speed of the rotor.


The AC induction motor has a simple design, easy maintenance, ruggedness, and a wide range of applications, which makes it the most common type of motor used in industrial and commercial applications.

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