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What is a split phase ac motor?

A split-phase alternating current (AC) motor is a kind of electric motor that generates rotational motion using alternating current (AC). Split-phase alternating current motors are often employed in applications requiring low to moderate power levels, such as domestic appliances and light machines.

A split-phase induction motor is a form of single-phase induction motor that contains a starting or auxiliary winding (S) and a main or operating winding (W) (M). As illustrated in the image, the initial winding is 90° offset from the main winding.

A split-phase AC motor is a type of electric motor that uses alternating current (AC) power to generate rotational motion. Split-phase AC motors are commonly used in applications that require low to moderate levels of power, such as in household appliances and small machinery.

Split-Phase Induction Motor Characteristics The following are the features of split-phase induction motors:

  1. The starting current of a split-phase motor is about 7 to 8 times the full load current.
  2. A split-phase induction motor's beginning torque is about 1.5 times its full-load torque.
  3. At around 75% of synchronous speed, the maximum or pull out torque is approximately 2.5 times that of the full-load torque.
  4. Because split-phase induction motors are less costly, they are quite common on the market.
  5. Split-phase induction motors are appropriate for applications with a short starting time. Because the split-phase motor's starting winding has a large resistance, it warms up rapidly. Unless the motor is safeguarded by a thermal relay, if the beginning duration exceeds 5 seconds, the starting winding may burn out.
Split-phase induction motors have power ratings ranging from 60 W to 250 W.


As a type of AC motors , the key feature of a split-phase AC motor is its use of two separate windings, known as the start and run windings. The start winding is designed to provide a high starting torque, allowing the motor to quickly reach its operating speed. The run winding, on the other hand, is designed to provide a lower but more continuous torque, allowing the motor to maintain its operating speed.

The split-phase design of the motor allows it to provide a high starting torque without sacrificing efficiency at its operating speed. This makes split-phase AC motors well-suited to applications that require a quick start, such as in fans and pumps.

When using a split-phase AC motor, it's important to carefully consider the motor's operating conditions, including the type of load and the speed at which it will be running. This will help ensure that the motor is able to perform at its best and provide reliable and efficient motion control.

Overall, a split-phase AC motor is a versatile and reliable choice for applications that require low to moderate levels of power and a quick start. With its unique design and efficient performance, it's no wonder that these motors are widely used in a variety of industries and applications.

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