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What is a gearbox?

The gearbox is a device that changes the speed ratio and the direction of motion, and is mainly used on various machines to change the torque, speed and direction of motion. The gearbox for gear transmission is generally composed of a case shell and several gear pairs.

The gearbox is a closed transmission device that operates with a gear system to achieve a speed change effect. It mainly consists of a series of gears. This device is widely used in the machinery industry and automobile industry. Usually, different gears in the gearbox are installed in different positions. The larger gears are usually installed on the lower speed shaft, while the smaller gears are more often installed on the high-speed shaft. This is due to the weight of the two gears. The gearbox mainly completes the process of acceleration and deceleration through the meshing and transmission between gears. One end of the gearbox is connected to the shaft of the motor, and through the operation of the gear system inside the gearbox, it can change the torque and speed between the motor and the drive unit. The gearbox casing bears the force generated by the gear transmission, so the material of the gearbox must be able to withstand these forces, prevent the machine from deforming, and ensure the normal operation of the machine.


With the continuous development of modern technology, gear motor technology is also being continuously improved, and more and more industries and enterprises use gearboxes. The gearbox is often used in conjunction with various types of motors to achieve the purpose of acceleration and deceleration. It is an important mechanical component.

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