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Sales case: Servo motors for medical robotic arms

Michael's company specializes in the production of medical robots. Recently, they needed to purchase a batch of new, high-precision, high-performance motors for medical robotic arms.

Client Background

Michael Prostka works for a company that specializes in medical robotics and has over ten years of experience in the production of medical robots. They always insist on delivering high quality, high quality medical devices and therefore have very strict requirements for all components.

Client need

Michael Prostka needed motors that would provide precise motion and control for their surgical robots. This motor needed to be able to run quietly, have low vibration, and handle high torque. In addition, he needed a motor that could be easily integrated into existing systems to provide smooth motion for the robot. Since this motor would be used in critical medical applications, it had to be reliable and durable.


Based on Michael's needs, we recommend our high precision servo motors. This motor is designed to provide smooth, quiet motion and is ideally suited for use in surgical robots. Its high torque and low vibration characteristics make it perfect for customer needs even when used in high-precision applications. In addition, the compact design and easy integration of this motor make it an ideal solution. We also offer our customers customized solutions to meet their specific needs and specifications.

Problems encountered

During our communication with Michael, we encountered a compatibility issue between the motor and the customer's existing system. However, with the patience of our technical team and Michael, the problem was solved by modifying the design of the motor to meet the customer's specific requirements. We also faced the challenge of meeting the customer's specific needs and specifications, but our team overcame this challenge by working closely with the customer and providing a customized solution.


Michael was very satisfied with the solution we provided and decided to take our solution. After receiving the servo motors, they immediately carried out installation tests, and the results showed that the motors were very smooth, could fully meet the load requirements of the robotic arm, and the machine operated with very low noise. He also said that our customer service and technical support are very well in place, they feel the great enthusiasm.

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