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How to tell if a motor is AC or DC?

Motors are divided into DC motors and AC motors. The motors of Lunye Company have nameplates marked with DC or AC information. If your motor nameplate is lost, you can try the following methods to distinguish the two types of motors.

Depending on the input current, motors can be divided into DC motors and AC motors. It may be difficult to distinguish whether a motor is a DC motor or an AC motor. I will introduce a few tips for your reference, and I hope these suggestions will be helpful to you.

  1. DC motors will generate sparks and the temperature of it will increase. Therefore, there is a separate cooling motor in DC motors. But AC motors do not produce sparks and do not have cooling devices.
  2. Look at the number of terminals. In general, if the terminal is 4, it may be a DC motor, and terminal 3 or 6 is AC motor.
  3. If the motor is connected to a capacitor, the motor is most likely an AC motor.
  4. Observe the appearance of the rotor shape. The rotor of AC motors is cage or wire-wound. The rotor of an AC synchronous motor is a round or convex pole with an excitation winding and is mounted on bearings.
  5. The construction of a DC motor includes a commutator. If a motor does not have a commutator on it, it is likely to be a DC motor.


The motors of Lunyee Company have nameplates with DC or AC information attached, so you don’t have to worry about this problem. If your motor nameplate is missing, you can try the methods above.

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