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How to reduce the noise of the motor?

The method of reducing motor noise is mainly to reduce three kinds of noises: mechanical noise, electromagnetic noise and aerodynamic noise. However, these methods may not work for all motors or require you to make adjustments on a case-by-case basis.

According to previous articles, the noise of the motor mainly includes mechanical noise, electromagnetic noise, aerodynamic noise, and so on. The discussion of ways to reduce the motor's noise is also aimed at the three types of noise.

Ways to Reduce Noise

The first is to reduce electromagnetic noise

  • Select the appropriate fixed rotor groove fit. Suitable fixed rotor grooves can reduce the generation of spatial harmonics, produce a more uniform magnetic field, reduce the noise of the motor .
  • Optimize the winding design. Improved design of motor windings, such as distributed windings or staggered windings, can reduce harmonic currents and reduce electromagnetic noise.

Ways to reduce mechanical noise

  • Add damping rubber pads or damping suspension at the bottom of the motor to reduce vibration transmission to the base or equipment, thereby reducing mechanical noise.
  • Check motor firmware. Check the fastening of motor firmware, such as couplings. Firmware loosening can cause vibration and increase noise.
  • Check the bearings. Check the status of the motor bearings to ensure they are not damaged or worn to reduce mechanical noise due to bearing problems.

Methods to reduce aerodynamic noise

Noise can be reduced by optimizing the blade design. The design of motor blades has a great influence on aerodynamic noise. The noise generated by the airflow can be reduced by using optimized blade designs, such as tilted fillet blades.


Although the motor is sometimes noisy, you can also reduce the noise using these methods. However, these methods do not necessarily apply to all motors or require you to adjust to specific circumstances.

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