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How to identify the noise of the motor?

Motor noise can be caused by mechanical, electromagnetic, and aerodynamic factors. By using specific methods to identify the source of noise, motor problems can be detected and addressed promptly.

There may be problems during the use of the motor. At this time, the motor is prone to abnormal noise. The abnormal operation of the motor may damage it. Therefore, in order for the motor to run safely, we need to know some methods to identify the main noise source and help us find motor problems and deal with them in time.

Source of Noise

There are three main sources of motor noise: mechanical noise, electromagnetic noise, and aerodynamic noise. Mechanical noise mainly includes noise caused by motor components, such as bearings, fixed rotors, couplings, etc. Electromagnetic noise is mainly caused by the alternating magnetic field in the air gap of the motor stator, rotor, and the whole motor structure and vibration. Air noise is when the motor rotates, the fan and some projecting parts of the rotor make air impact and friction to form aerodynamic noise.

Noise Identification Method

  • Let the motor abruptly shut off the power supply after a period. If the noise also immediately disappears with the power cut, this noise is electromagnetic noise.
  • When the voltage drops to a certain limit, if the noise changes greatly, it is likely to be electromagnetic noise.
  • Aerodynamic noise can be identified by removing the front and rear noise changes of the fan.


Noise is divided into mechanical noise, electromagnetic noise, and aerodynamic noise. With the above method, you can determine the source of abnormal noise, which can help you identify problems with the motor and handle them in a timely manner.

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