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How to choose a servo motor?

Servo motors are widely used in daily life and industrial machinery industry, it is very important to choose the right servo motor.

The servo motor allows precise control of position velocity and acceleration. It generally uses a closed-loop system with an encoder to communicate with the controller. Servo motors are widely used in both daily life areas and industrial machinery industries. It is for this reason that the choice of servo motor becomes an important factor for you to consider. Generally speaking, there are two common methods of selection.

1. According to the parameters of the servo motor selection

  • First, you need to determine the load you need for the servo motor. If the load of the servo motor is too small, you can't drive it.
  • Speed is also one of the most important parameters for selection. Generally speaking, the faster the rotation speed of a given motor, the lower the torque.
  • Motor size. You need to check the relationship between speed and torque, which will help you determine the size of servo you need.
  • Drive ratio. Most servo motors have gears. Gears can increase the torque of some drives. In a gear system, the servomotor turns one drive gear, which turns another gear that is more closely connected to the payload until it reaches the gear closest to the payload.

2. The second selection method is based on the structure

Depending on the structure, servo motors can be divided into direct-connected, parallel-connected and vertical. Each of these three structures has different characteristics. Directly connected motor and cylinder work in a straight line, the connection is simple, parallel type motor and cylinder are in parallel, the axial size is small, the link is simple. The vertical type has a vertical connection between the motor and the cylinder, and the size is larger.


If you want to choose a suitable servo motor, you need to know the speed, load, motor size, transmission ratio and other parameters. The priority selection also needs to be based on your requirements.

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