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How to choose a servo motor reducer?

Servo motors enable precise control of position and motion and are commonly used in a variety of industrial and robotic applications. Some applications require high precision and heavy loads, so sometimes they need to be used with gearboxes.

Servo motors are versatile and powerful motors with the ability to precisely control position and movement and are generally used in various industrial and robotic applications. Gearboxes and servo motors are typically used in heavy duty, high precision applications, and sometimes gearboxes are required for high speed, low torque applications.

Key Considerations for Reducer Selection

Choosing the right servo gearbox requires careful consideration of several factors:


  • Output Torque: The output torque is the maximum torque that the reducer can transmit to the load, and it should be equal to or greater than the maximum torque required for the application. Failure to do so will result in premature wear of the reducer leading to failure.

  • Reduction Ratio: The reduction ratio determines how much the reducer reduces the speed of the motor. It is calculated by dividing the motor's rated speed by the desired output speed. For example, if the motor is rated at 1,500 RPM and you need an output speed of 300 RPM, the reduction ratio would be 5:1.

  • Maximum Void: The selection of the maximum speed for a transmission mechanism involves the selection of the reduction ratio of the speed reducer. For a transmission mechanism, its transmission speed does not depend entirely on the reducer, the speed of the servo motor, the pitch of the transmission screw, etc. will affect its speed.

  • Installation method: The installation method of the reducer is also a key point to consider. Worm gear reducers, in particular, usually have specific application environments. For example, if the drive mechanism is mounted vertically, a worm gear reducer is usually chosen in order to avoid the drive mechanism falling down after a power failure.


Choosing the right servo gearbox is critical to maximizing the performance and life of your servo motor system. By carefully considering the many factors listed above, you can ensure that your servo system operates efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of your specific application.

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