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How to change direction of 3 phase induction motor?

Three-phase motors turn in the direction of the rotating magnetic field. The direction of rotation of these motors can be easily changed. This is accomplished by reversing the connections of two of the power lines to the motor leads.

Changing the direction of a multi-speed 3-phase induction motor:

  • Identify the direction of the motor's current rotation. To do this, locate the motor's rotor and observe its movement. If the rotor is rotating clockwise, the motor is currently set to run in the forward direction. If the rotor is rotating counterclockwise, the motor is currently set to run in the reverse direction.
  • Locate the motor's control panel. This is typically a small box or enclosure attached to the side of the motor that contains the wiring and control components.
  • Open the control panel and locate the wiring diagram. This will typically be a labeled diagram that shows how the various wires are connected to the control components.
  • Locate the wires that are connected to the motor's stator. These are the three large wires that provide power to the motor's stator windings.
  • Identify the wire that is connected to the stator's center winding. This is typically the wire that is connected to the motor's speed switch.
  • Disconnect the wire from the speed switch and connect it to the opposite terminal on the switch.
  • Close the control panel and power up the motor. The motor should now be running in the opposite direction from its previous setting.

In conclusion, changing the direction of a three-phase induction motor is a relatively straightforward process. By following these simple steps, you can easily change the direction of your motor and ensure that it is running in the direction you need it to for your specific application.

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