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How can you tell if a motor is brushless?

There are various types of motors, which can be divided into brushed motors and brushless motors according to the presence or absence of brushes. Do you know how to distinguish these two types of motors?

If you want to know whether your motor is a brushless motor or a brushed motor, I have provided several judgment methods for your reference.

  • You can look at the motor through the air gap in the case and if it is a brushed motor, you will see the commutator. From the outside. The commutator is generally a cylinder with gears, usually at the non-drive end of the motor, where the brushes meet the inner rotor. In addition, there will be access ports on both sides of the commutator of brushed motors to access the carbon brushes and replace them when they are worn.
  • If the motor is sealed and has no obvious features on the outside, it is most likely an induction motor without brushes.
  • Brushless motors usually have 3 wires, while brushed motors usually only have 2 wires.
  • Another major difference is the permanent magnet. The magnets of brushless motors are located on the motor shaft. The magnets for brushed motors are usually on the outside.
  • You can also use a low voltage to measure the resistance of the Lunyee Motor . For example, you use a voltage of 100mV, if the measured resistance is high, you can be sure it is brushless. However, if the measured resistance is less than 100 Ω, then you probably got a brushed motor.
  • Plug your motor into the power supply, then reduce the input voltage until the motor stops. You also need to measure the current that drops the voltage simultaneously. Then draw a graph of the relationship between voltage and current. If the graph is a line graph, your motor is a brush motor. If not, your motor is brushless.


Through the above methods, you can identify whether your motor is brushless. If you encounter such a situation again in the future, I'm sure that you can also confidently solve the problem.

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