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Selection of gear motors in power windows

When choosing gear motors for power windows, consider voltage, torque, gear ratio, power, speed, size, and installation compatibility. Lunyee offers customized solutions to meet these requirements.

Power beds are a very common component in modern vehicles, and power window lifters rely on gear motors to raise and lower the glass panels. Correctly selecting the right motor can ensure smooth and reliable window operation. In this article, we will introduce how to choose the right gear motor for power windows.

Voltage and current

Picking the right gear motor for your power windows involves making sure that the voltage and current ratings of the motor are compatible with your car's electrical system to prevent any power or electrical compatibility issues. Most window motors are 12V, but there are also 24V motors available.

Torque Requirements

The motor must produce sufficient torque to overcome the static weight of the window and the dynamic friction loads of the seals and guide rails. Therefore, a certain torque requirement is needed. In some areas, such as in cold weather, windows are prone to freezing, so high-torque motors are even more necessary. This usually needs to be determined based on gear ratios.

Gear ratio

Higher gear ratios provide more force but move slower, lower gear ratios provide less force but move faster.

Power and speed

Motor Ratings Higher-wattage motors will be able to move heavier windows more easily. Speed usually specifies separate rise and fall speeds.

Size and Installation

Check the physical dimensions and mounting options of the gearmotor. Make sure it fits in the available space in the door and can be mounted securely without any interference or obstructions.


Choosing the best motor for a power window lifter needs to match the required torque, speed, power, gear ratio, etc. You also need to consider voltage and current matching and size matching. Lunyee can customize the right solution for you during the communication process.

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