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How do I increase motor torque?

Increase torque by adjusting gearing, increasing battery voltage, or using torque sensors. But note that more torque usually means less speed, so find the right balance.

Motors occupy an important place in our daily lives and are essential in all walks of life. Torque is an important aspect when both selecting and using motors. For many industries, increasing torque is critical to improving efficiency. Today we will learn how to increase the torque of a motor.

Understanding motor torque

To increase the torque of a motor you need to understand what motor torque is. Motor torque is the rotational force generated by a motor to drive an object. The higher the torque, the more power the motor has.

Factors affecting motor torque

  • The torque of a motor is susceptible to a number of factors, including:

  • Motor Power Output: The higher the power output, the more torque the motor can produce.

  • Transmission: The transmission in an e-bike affects torque output. Lower gearing results in more torque, while higher gearing results in less torque.

  • Battery Voltage: Battery voltage affects torque output. A higher voltage battery provides more power and torque.

  • Motor Efficiency: The efficiency of a motor affects torque output. More efficient motors produce more torque with less power input.

Methods of increasing motor torque

  • Adjustment of transmission

    Adjusting the gearing can also increase motor torque. A lower gearing will provide more torque, while a higher gearing will provide less torque. However, usually an increase in motor torque decreases the speed of the motor.

  • Increase battery voltage

    Increasing the battery voltage can also increase the motor torque. Higher voltage batteries provide more power and torque, however, it is worth noting that this voltage must not exceed the rated voltage of the motor or there is a risk of burnout.

  • Use of torque transducers

    Others use torque sensors to help optimize motor torque by measuring torque output and adjusting the power input to the motor accordingly. This makes the motor more efficient and powerful.


In summary, increasing the torque of an electric motor is a critical aspect of optimizing its performance. Understanding the factors that affect torque is critical to making adjustments to increase torque.

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